FACT: At best, your cookie-based campaigns are reaching only 30 to 50% of your audiences. It’s painful to hear, isn’t it?

Now for the good news. There is a cookie-free digital advertising option. And, it will propel your campaigns from 30% reach to 100% reach.

Smart Zones by Responsory is patented, cutting-edge technology.

And now, it’s within your reach. 

No-guess Audience Targeting

This proprietary programmatic digital advertising platform is like no other, and it has a unique promise, too. To put you in front of your audience segments offline and online on any device with 100% reach and accuracy. Smart Zones is the only audience targeting platform linking B2B and B2C customer CRM files, mailing lists or IP website traffic to internet delivery points at the neighborhood or business rooftop level.

This is targeting done the right way based on real customers, affluence, lifestyle, interests and quantified analytics.

Targeting online no longer has to be a guess.

Deeper Audience Visibility

The Media Zones addition to Smart Zones addresses the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) issues of timing and transparency by pre-scoring and reporting on the optimal media-inventory mix, timing and pricing attributes that best align with each selected audience before the campaign starts.

For our Smart Zones clients, Media Zones applies hundreds of contextual genetic models to a training set of more than 5 billion rolling impressions and engagement events. Campaign performance is accelerated by linking audience behavior to the optimal media mix, determining the right pricing for impressions, and even rating the ad sizes, day of week and time of day that will deliver the best results. This means Responsory can predetermine the best possible campaign design before any impressions are served.

Get the audience right, Before the first impression is served.


Request Your Free Smart Zones Audience Profile Report

Get in touchsmart zones profile report with Responsory to find out how many prospects you can reach with Smart Zones and what their demographic and firmographic profile looks like. We’ll ask you to provide a customer or prospect list sampling OR to describe your desired target audience with a brief survey that takes only minutes. We’re confident the results will excite you!