Knowing Your Audiences Makes All the Difference

Seniors and their caretakers were the focus of this website redesign initiative.

Before our website renovation for Interfaith Older Adult Programs, this Wisconsin-based non profit struggled with content organization, search engine optimization and presenting a great deal of information in a way that made sense to their senior and care-taking audiences.

The new website is exceeding Interfaith’s expectations. And our Google Analytics reports prove that users are swiftly getting into key pages within the site from the home page and they’re exploring vital program pages that were buried in the previous site.



Here are some reactions from key stakeholders:

“I quickly “drove” through a number of these pages and it all looks terrific! I’m VERY impressed and can certainly see how much time and energy went in to providing solid info in a great format.”

“Wow!!!  Outstanding effort! I’m really impressed with the easy flow and navigation. Excellent job.”