Enrollment Program Boosts Conversion Rate 10-Fold

With lagging individual member Medicare enrollments, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSMI) was looking for a more robust initiative to encourage current individual plan members aging into 65 to transition to a BCBSMI Medicare Advantage plan.

As boomers are aging into 65 they are not exhibiting the same level of brand loyalty characteristic of their parents’ generation. They receive a barrage of information about a year before their 65th birthday from competitors.

Our strategy for improving results for BCBSMI included:

  • Communicating with members about the Medicare transition earlier than 120 days out
  • Incorporating a warmer tone and connecting directly with member
  • Positioning the change to Medicare Advantage as an easy and automatic transition
  • Including more information about the preferred Medicare Advantage product and its benefits as well as alternative Blue option
  • Integrating a multichannel approach including Direct Mail, Outbound Telephone and Digital

The revised creative incorporated a combination of Blue branding and direct response best practices resulting in communications that are easy to read and understand and instill a sense of confidence in BCBSMI and the automatic enrollment process.

The new Automatic Enrollment communications are generating a 10-fold increase in conversion with 50 to 60 percent of individual plan members transitioning to a Blue plan.


Get Through to the 65+ Market

“The dedication of the creative team and strong attention to detail has 
allowed us to launch our program ahead of schedule and begin driving results.”

Jerry Luzynski
Strategic Marketing and Analytics