Playing the Responsory Game of Thrones

    House ResponsoryWe here at Responsory, could not be more excited about the new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones which is premiering TONIGHT! We know people have written about this show a lot, so we’ll try to make this fun and Responsorific.

    Our favorite characters, though some of them may have found an untimely end, have brought some important lessons to light for marketing and business. So in an effort to funnel our enthusiasm into something productive and creative, here’s who we’d recruit to be a part of House Responsory regardless of current bloodlines or associations. They all have their strengths and serious drawbacks, so let’s play the game of Responsory thrones. SPOILER ALERT: Some spoilers ahead if you haven’t finished season 4. We’re looking at you Becky Behrendt

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    RESP-GOT-StarkEddard Stark

    Our vote for hand to the kingdom, from the ruling house of the North. Widely respected Ned’s eventual downfall had the promise of being his shot at true greatness, but alas, his was not the story that is being told. In the lead up to his execution, he planned to reveal the great secret of the kingdom. So he had a great message, but not a great plan. Some serious Direct Branding was in order. He lived his life as a great protector of the kingdom and of his family. By example, he taught others this: Work hard and be kind.  Even though he hasn’t been on the show since Season 1, so many of the characters were affected by him, it feels like the show starts and ends with him.

    RESP-GOT-JoffreyJoffrey *cough* Lannister *cough* Baratheon

    This choice is a hard one to stomach and is hardly a defense of his character or life choices. Even the most forgiving of us have had a hard time watching him sneer through interactions with friends and foes, but he makes quick and decisive actions. In the age of digital and social marketing, this thought-process can be very useful and can be effective in the right place, but it must be in service of a larger strategy, of which Joffrey did not have much. As digital marketers, our coach-able moment for the vicious boy, don’t react quickly only to burn a bridge.

    RESP-GOT-ImpTyrion Lannister

    Sometimes, what is desired is not what is needed. Originally, no one in King’s Landing seems to pay any mind to Tyrion, least of all his immediate family. The best ideas come from unexpected places and times. The rejection of Tyrion by his father left him to study and become strategic in this political drama. Be smart, be creative and be open to possibilities. Look, this guy is not built in a package that would be palatable in his world. A crass, drunk lothario, he’s left to observe the machinations in front of him and use that to his advantage. We’re not ruling him out for the final goal: the Iron Throne. #KingTyrion2015


    Daenerys Targaryen

    Despite the world of Westeros taking a giant step back in terms of empowerment for most of the ladies, dear Dany has shown that leadership can come in many different forms. She made it work with Drogo, barely put up with her brother, and the Unsullied have shown her loyalty as free people. Not easy feats. And she’s the Mother of Dragons. Talk about work-life balance. She was Lean-ing In before that was trending. We like to think that she’s the most measured and measurable of the key players. She heeds the advice of experienced counselors and plots a strategy before taking action. She has the results to prove that her method and process works. She didn’t become Queen of Meereen without having done research and slowly executed a long-term plan. You do you, Khaleesi.


    First off, we’re throwing this dude into our mix because he’s a straight-up doppelganger for our creative director, Nicholas Mork. In the photo below, Nick is the one on the left.

    Mork meets Hodor

    Nicholas Mork, Creative Director for Responsory and  actor Kristian Nairn, at one of his recent DJ shows in Madison.

    Secondly, sometimes you just need to be there for your team. Hodor, simple may he be, has learned to express himself using just one word: “Hodor.” For us this translates to, Leave your comments at the door, and get on with the work. It’s these type of people that help you get through the days when you have a creative brief due to a client, plus a few new business presentations, and then your mom calls… yet you still manage to make forward progress on your marketing journey.

    This is our selection of House Responsory as of today…you never know what could happen. We have obviously left many of our other favorite characters out (leaving us open to revisit this topic for Season 6). This is a blog and we’re trying to be judicious with your time. Because after all, Winter is Coming…

    –House Responsory

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    RESP-GOT-SnowWe should also mention that in the development of this blog post, we created a Robb Stark icon and rationale, but alas, like his character he was cut before we really could see what he could do. Too soon? #RedWedding