Mining for Golden Prospects (with Data!)

Mining for prospectsMarketing data can help you locate and truly understand potential customers. It can guide segmentation and messaging to attract the best fit audience. Data can also help you recognize what makes your customers tick.

Here are 3 Ways to Get the Most out of your Marketing Data: 
Mining for golden prospects

1) Analysis Comes First: Analytics and data have taken on a primary role in strategic marketing. Any data that is collected, whether mined through research or obtained from integrated campaigns, should map back to your campaign goals. Ask yourself: Who are your best customers and what do they look like? Can you find others that look like them and reach out? How will you define and measure success? The data you find, whether it be demographics, web search habits, purchasing potential, etc. should be analyzed to help you best design your campaign.

Mining for golden prospects

2) Find your Audience is in the Data: Data can help you reach and hone in on the right prospects, even when you’re not sure where to start. Gathering data to find and build a specific target audience based on the objectives of your campaign can help you reach the right people, at the right time and in the right place. Click here to see how we harnessed the power of data to help a client reach a very elusive audience and compel them to engage.

Mining for golden prospects

3) Data Helps Identify Optimum Channels: By understanding your customer base through data, you can also determine the most effective channels to reach them, whether that be through email, direct mail or online. At Responsory, we don’t just see data as a sole output. We gather, refine and interpret data and metrics to truly understand campaign results and continuously improve. For example, just because one type of channel produces the highest numbers in response does not necessarily mean it is the only outlet that is working. It’s important to approach data with a holistic view and recognize that connecting with the right prospect for you may require several different channels, like a direct mail piece that encourages recipients to head online, to translate into a true conversion.

The volume of data in today’s world can seem overwhelming, but if harnessed properly can lead to the most successful and effective campaigns your business will ever run. To find out more about how data can transform your marketing results, contact us.