Illinois Insurance Landscape: ACA 2015 (infographic)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual insurance landscape in the state of Illinois is shifting, and competitively-priced plans from insurers like Land of Lincoln Health, are paving new paths for consumers.Illinois Insurance Landscape

Let’s take a look at the scenery as we contemplate the changing marketplace during ACA 2015.

  • In a highly competitive market, 217,492 people enrolled for coverage in Illinois in 2014. Eight companies offered plans.
    • Compare that to just the first month of 2015 ACA enrollment during which 272,623 people signed up.
  • Fast forward to 2015 ACA enrollment where you’d find ten different carriers who offered over 400 plans, representing a 20% increase year to year. Enrollment surged to over 347,000 individuals in 2015, representing a 160% increase over the 2014 enrollment period.
  • Land of Lincoln Health, the state’s only co-op health insurance company, signed up over 27,500 new members during the month of December alone for ACA 2015.
  • This shift is largely due to the fact that LLH was among the lowest-cost plans available on the state’s health insurance marketplace.
  • The insurer lowered monthly premiums on its plans by as much as 30% compared to 2014 by collaborating with several health care providers across the state to obtain the best rates on a unique portfolio of plans.
  • Low monthly premiums and solid benefit options are top priorities for individuals choosing coverage.
  • LLH may have looked especially attractive to subsidy-eligible consumers, 72% of whom saw a net premium increase in lowest-price silver plans.
  • Consumers must also consider that now the tax penalty for not getting insurance is nearly 3.5 times higher.
  • If you didn’t have coverage in 2014, you’ll pay the higher of these two amounts: 1% of your yearly household income or $95 per adult for the year.
  • Not insured in 2015? Make that 2% of your yearly household income or $325 per adult for the year.

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