The FAQ is content marketing at its best. Compile your top 10+ FAQs from customer service and sales reps and the content and repurposing options are endless:

  • Advice Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Brochure
  • Buying Guide
  • Fact Sheet
  • FAQsFAQs Landing Page
  • FAQs Online Tool
  • Help Blurbs
  • How To
  • Infographic
  • Insert
  • Q&A Interview
  • Slideshow
  • Tip Tool in Shopping Cart
  • Video(s)

The options go on and on …

There’s no doubt that Frequently Asked Questions – done well – have the power to deliver strategic value for your brand, SEO efforts, customer service, quality control, prospecting, sales and PR.

A great overview of all of these benefits, and many more, is offered in FAQs STILL DELIVER GREAT VALUE, published by Nielsen Norman Group, authored by Susan Farrell.

It’s a great read. It will surely inspire you to build or enhance your organization’s FAQs, turning them into invaluable pieces of content. If you need help, you know who to call.